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One of our breaks is to eat out of doors. Many families go to expensive and expensive restaurants in light of their income, spending an hour with their loved ones. Oblivious to the fact that there must be plenty of fun looking for an Iranian restaurant to choose a restaurant. These traits are the subject we want to address and tell you about 12 of your stories.

What do you know about the characteristics of a good Iranian restaurant?

The vacation is a great time to travel and relieve the fatigue of a few months of work and effort.

What do you know about the characteristics of a good Iranian restaurant? | Hestooran

But one of the problems that travel to most people when travelling is a selection of good and healthy restaurants. Restaurants who don “t only enjoys food there, but don” t worry about their health. What features should a good restaurant have?

What should a good Iranian restaurant be?

Unfortunately, in most of the world, though there are so many Iranian restaurants, restaurants that look good and good are few.

What should a good Iranian restaurant be? | Hestooran

Good restaurants, where they can be sure of healthy food, have several features that have been mentioned in the following:

1. Providing high – quality food

When people step into a Iranian restaurant, they expect to enjoy their food and don’t risk their health. Good restaurants, in this area, have their utmost care and leave high – quality food to the people.

1. Providing high - quality food | Hestooran

These restaurants account for the highest standards of food they offer. Also, these standards always use these standards, and whenever you walk into that restaurant, you will encounter a meal.Many cases help us identify healthy, healthy food. These include the appearance of food (size, shape, and color), texture, flavor, and smell. If there is food, it will lose its freshness and taste good.Restaurants, which always offer quality food to their customers, are well – known. In every city and neighborhood, you can ask for good restaurants in the area.

2.Iranian Restaurant cleanliness

The cleaning of the restaurant is very necessary. No – one likes to eat in a dirty place and put you at risk of illness, especially food poisoning, and to lose the fun of good days with the disease.

2.Iranian Restaurant cleanliness | Hestooran

When you walk into a Iranian restaurant, you can guess how important this restaurant looks clean. In unsanitary restaurants, even delicious food won’t be worth anything, as they will catch people with disease and food poisoning.You can visit the kitchen before ordering food. By visiting a restaurant health service, you can find out how much the restaurant cares about hygiene.Restaurants, for example, don’t pay enough attention to the hygiene of their health service. In addition, high – quality restaurants, which care for all the necessary items, have a license and are introduced as good restaurants.These restaurants put their Quality Score to the visibility of customers. If you see this certificate, you can be sure to be sure about the restaurant’s cleanliness and cleanliness.

3. The Iranian restaurant environment

Good restaurants, who want to have a good impact on their customers, make the restaurant atmosphere pleasant and pleasant.


These restaurants usually benefit from beauty decoration. In fact, in this way, they encourage many people to go there.Eating food in a beautiful environment can have moments of fun, and leave a good memory of the journey in our mind. The environment of these restaurants is usually nice and lovely despite comfortable seats, soft music and lighting.

4.Iranian Restaurant employees

High – quality restaurants usually have good behavior with the client and are quick to do their work.

4.Iranian Restaurant employees | Hestooran

They are constantly cleaning the meal tables of previous customers and never allow new customers to sit behind the dirty tables.In the meantime, their appearance and clothing are regular and there is no sign of contamination. The foods of restaurants who have their employees are not clean and professional can never be trusted. The Iranian restaurant staff should also have health cards and customers have the right to look at it.

5.Food list and proper food selection

It’s usually a list of good restaurants, including healthy and delicious food. Along with the everyday and everyday foods that many people are in favor of, they also offer healthy foods and diet to their customers.

5.Food list and proper food selection | Hestooran

In these restaurants, fast – ready meals are offered. People who go to these restaurants, especially those on vacation, can order a variety of foods that are handy for them. If you want to enjoy your vacation, while at the same time you don’t want to spend time on your trip to cooking, paying attention to the tips, good restaurants, don’t put yourself at risk of illness and food poisoning.

6.Iranian Restaurant food prices

Some people think that when food prices are too expensive, that food is quality. Or expensive restaurants do not necessarily have much better health facilities than other restaurants, but this isn’t true, it can’t be understood by the price of restaurants.

Fereshteh Restaurant in Tehran | Hestooran

You have to look at other points of good restaurants. On the other hand, when a restaurant has a very low price for foods that are usually expensive, you need to doubt the quality of the meal used to make that meal.It is essential to see the kitchen and explore the glaciers of such a Iranian restaurant. Of course, you may be sure that this type of restaurants does not deliver healthy food. If you are looking for a pleasant travel experience, be very careful when you are eating, and by doing some research on them, choose the best restaurant.Thanks to internet sites and views that people put on the site, good restaurants can be identified. Before traveling, all restaurants in your destination look online and choose their best.

7.The visible kitchen

The restaurants in the kitchen and the food sector are visible, and the client can see all the things that can be done to provide food, because in that case the Iranian restaurant staff should pay more attention to the health tips and professional basics of cooking and serving.