Do you prefer Persian foods?


Persian foods are very different, some of them have meat, Kebab  and  rice are one kind of  foods, some foods are from vegetable and beans . Each city in Iran has itself food and meal, for example, in north and south of Iran  , main food is fishes and shrimp . Meals and foods in Hestooran restaurant. In this restaurant, all kind of foods from our cities will be served.

Do you prefer Persian foods?

Persian foods are very famous in the world, many foreigners like to test our foods. Hestooran is noble and is located in Fereshteh street and Royal building. it has ancient and original architecture, foods are being served in traditional dishes as copper, there are many copper dishes in this restaurant.

prefer Persian foods | Hestooran

Drawing and design of restaurant is very nice, many of people like to have meal in Hestooran and experience one hour in traditional method and enjoy .

foods are not as same, all are in new materials and new taste, local spices use in cooking , each city has local spices and vegetables. In addition to foods, there are many pickles and salads with many different content and compsitions. we will have different salads as corn, lettuce, potatoes &cucumber, olive , yogurt with garlic.

Intimate and friendly place with Persian foods

Different fruit juices will be served beside of foods, the atmosphere and situation of this place is very kindly and friendly, we feel one intimate place. The menu and list of meals are very special , all of them are unique, it is right that foods are traditional ,but are cooking in new way and best design, as Tahchin .

When foods are being placed in copper dishes, it is very amazing ,Hestooran with foods show Iran history that try to connect west and east culture to each other. Management, all stuff and employers try to hosting respectfully and gain international standards. Choose one cozy and quiet corner in this restaurant and eat Persian foods, made one memory in your mind.

Good smell of foods with special flavor and taste will amaze us, do not hesitate and reserve your table by number 75426 ,outside or inside of restaurant. In all seasons you able to have suit meals as soups for winter,there is plates with different appetizers, hope you experience this event at least one time .

Art, culture and Persian foods

Cooking is one art in Iranian culture, Persian foods are one of our heritage, Iranians convene and made kind times  to  each others, family and friends.

Art, culture and Persian foods | Hestooran

foods can convene Iranian people in different ceremony and times as wedding or mourning. Iranian people believe, food is blessing, they pray and thanks to God after eating foods, hope always we convene and have good times  with  food.

Days and events with Persian foods

In different days and events as Ramadan month, there are very special foods and appetizer , as Ash , date palm, milk, cheese and eating vegetables. Hestooran  prepare this kind of foods for you. Enjoy with  Hestooran in all days and events. Taste Persian foods in yard and porch of this restaurant and made one unforgettable recollection, experience  honor  in Hestooran.

Days and events with Persian foods | Hestooran

There are many drinks as cold and hot in hes-café as tea, coffee, juices which are gotten by hand not machinery, we can feel kind and love in this intimate place , employers and waiter know english language and welcome very intimate to all foreigners. Many of tourists, students , business people prefer to have Persian foods in this restaurant, Iran culture is very nice for most of foreigners, this is our glory and proud .

Hestooran restaurant

Our heritage is our glory, Persian foods, copper dishes, traditional decoration with nature combination will made of one special and unique calm and peace.

Hestooran restaurant | Hestooran

We must appreciate to Hestooran, because is trying to save Iran culture and heritage, also represent to all other countries in the world. Persian foods  are  unrivealed  in the world, Hestooran is unparalleled in the world, we invite you come to this restaurant and protect to Iran culture and heritage .

Persian foods in cooper dishes

Hestooran and Hes- café are persuading and developing Iran art by offering Persian foods. Copper dishes are very beautiful and in bright colors, all dishes are cooper as tray, plate , glass ,bowl, pot and saucepan, they have many differ drawing and sizes. Table with  persian  foods is one present and gift for all Iranian and also foreigners.

Persian foods in cooper dishes | Hestooran

Thanks a lot to Hestooran because of this new style. If you want, you can reserve your table outside under the sky and sun light. It is very pleasure and nice, beside of trees and flowers, you eat foods  and meals in copper dishes with kind and expert stuff . we   know  magnitude and value of this event and we are very glad to this proud and glory. we invite all foreigners to our restaurant, all people who are interested to Iran culture and art .

Persian foods and international standards

we will prepare the best Persian foods, we intend to compete and access to international grades and standards. we welcome all who know art and culture value, we invite all Iranian to this restaurant.

Persian foods and international standards | Hestooran

We want you to obtain this chance, respect to yourself, family and your culture with Persian foods in Hestooran, made one unique memory for yourself and your family, take some photos and leave behind this glory for your posterity.

Why Hestooran is the best restaurant in Tehran?

Hearing is never like seeing, it is very better yourself see and judge about Persian quality in this place, see combination of Iranian art, culture, heritage, foods, glory and proud, copper dishes, wooden table and chairs, natural decoration and be honest with Iran, proud of yourself that you are an Iranian.

Why Hestooran is the best restaurant in Tehran? | Hestooran

Most of foods materials are organic and rich in tropical substances, all ages need to foods as babies, adults and old people. foods  are very clean and solvent. In our religious foods solvent is very important, one of Persian foods main advantage is being solvent. Many Thanks   to god for all these blessings.