Introduction to the Fereshteh Restaurant


Fereshteh Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Tehran, founded in 1394. The name of this restaurant is Hestooran. The name of this restaurant means the land of copper. The restaurant offers a new style of Iranian cuisine. The fantastic design, the unique name, the variety of Iranian cuisine and the special way of serving them, made the Fereshteh Restaurant very quickly known. This restaurant is located in Fereshteh, which is very much dating. The interior of Hestooran is quite traditional and inspired by the architecture and traditions of the Safavid era. It might be interesting for you to know if all the equipment in the restaurant is copper or copper-colored.

Fereshteh Restaurant in Tehran

There is a copper tray at the entrance of the restaurant on which the name of the restaurant and the year of establishment of 1394 are carved. To get to the Fereshteh Restaurant, you should cross an old glass with a height of one meter and sixty centimeters. This means that tall people should bend their heads and enter the restaurant. It is an old tradition that in the olden times the entrance of some particular places was shortened so that people would have to bow at the entrance. The door glass is colored. In the old days, colored glasses have been used to prevent the ingestion of insects.

Fereshteh Restaurant in Tehran | Hestooran

At the entrance of Fereshteh Restaurant there is a bakery, which is cooked for appetizer, very delicious local bread. The ambience of the restaurant is very beautiful and reminiscent of old times, and all the catering equipment are copper. All decorations of the Fereshteh Restaurant are carefully designed and arranged and for those who are looking for a traditional Persian restaurant, this is a fantastic place. The design and construction of this restaurant is inspired by the house of lords, the village house and the Shemron house.

Where’s the best restaurant in Tehran?

At the entrance of the Fereshteh Restaurant, there is a small bowl of turquoise pool with beautiful flowers. Customers and people who have come to this restaurant to eat, can take memorial photos next to this turquoise pool. Bringing the old copper pitcher and basin to wash your hands before serving is one of the things that surprises you.

Where's the best restaurant in Tehran? | Hestooran

Before eating, you will wash your hands in a basin in a traditional way. The menu is brought to customers after washing hands. The meal has a variety of strange names that no other restaurant has. Clients can be assisted by garlands for better food ordering. They provide customers with descriptions of each of the foods. A variety of Iranian cuisine is offered at this restaurant.The Fereshteh Restaurant serves lunch and dinner for all days of the week, while breakfast is served only on Thursdays and Fridays. The behavior of Fereshteh Restaurant staff is intimate, welcoming and hospitable.


An appetizer for all foods is provided for free. The image of the appetizer is shown in the picture below. The name of the appetizer is Doimaj that is a Ghazvini meal. Doimaj includes cheese and walnuts, aromatic spices and olive oil.

Appetizer | Hestooran

If you do not like the appetizer served by the restaurant, you can order other types of appetizer. For Example Pistachio soup is a wonderful appetizer which is made from pomegranate and pistachios and has a unique flavor. Pistachio soup is served in many traditional restaurants, but the best pistachio soup can be tasted at Fereshteh Restaurant. In the picture below, you can see the image of this soup

Main Foods

Eating at Fereshteh Restaurant is a different experience for customers. The main food is prepared very quickly and the customer does not wait a lot. This is a great benefit because over waiting for food causes customer dissatisfaction. One of the main foods that have many fans in this restaurant is the Mesine Bare choopan or shepherd’s lamb. The image of this food is shown in the picture below. This meal is served in a copper pot and made of rice, spinach, and bean sprouts. The meat used in this meal is muscle and for those who like the meat is great.

Main Foods | Hestooran

The Shahnameh Kebab is another meal for lovers of meat, served at the Fereshteh Restaurant.. The image of Shahnameh Kebab is shown in the picture below.Cherry and rice is another traditional food of Iran which is served in Fereshteh Restaurant. Rice served with many cuisine at this restaurant, is brought up as a stubble on the table. Rice is wrapped inside a few breads. How to serve this meal can be seen in the form below.

variety of food at Hestooran

A variety of cuisine is served at this restaurant, which can’t be discussed in this article. To get to know more about traditional Persian cuisine, go to this restaurant. In this restaurant you will see a mix of authentic Persian architecture with traditional Persian foods. Creativity and innovation in the cyprus and the presentation of food at the Fereshteh Restaurant are exemplary. The taste and manner of serving and serving customers at the Fereshteh Restaurant is not found anywhere in Iran. In addition to a variety of Iranian gourmet meals, you can get acquainted with the ghost of Iran.

variety of food at Hestooran | Hestooran

Beautiful traditional pots and chandeliers are seen everywhere in the restaurant hall. This has added to the beauty of the restaurant. Vip Places, Polish chairs, leather upholstery, plates and rifles sitting on the wall are all based on original Iranian design.

Everything is surprising at Fereshteh Restaurant. From genuine Iranian architecture to the smell of freshly-baked buns cooked in a small bakery in the restaurant. In this article, we tried to introduce Fereshteh Restaurant as much as possible and provide information about this restaurant. Although we suggest you do not miss this article for a great experience and be sure to go to this amazing restaurant. The variety of food and beauty in the environment is so high that it’s definitely not enough to go to the restaurant once to understand it all. The wonderful sense of Iranian architecture, along with the taste of Iranian delicious food at the Fereshteh Restaurant, is not available anywhere in the world.