Introduction Hestooran of Iranian restaurant


Introduction Hestooran of Iranian restaurant

If we want to introduce an Iranian restaurant for you which has Iranian originality and culture Should you be reminded of the Iranian restaurant،Hestooran.The introduction of the Iranian restaurant،Hestooran ،it brings a person to the senses of historical and  dreaming space. Because all of Hestooran، is a dream, a story with a special sense.

Introduction Hestooran | Hestooran

from the sweetie of the ،Hestooran restaurant, which is the practice of the senses and touch ing heritages to the taste of the foods that are cooked in this restaurant. Yes it can not be described  only a corner of it can be defined .  It is only visible and touch ing   to us that it is understandable we invite you dear guests from this restaurant،Hestooran, is an Iranian nobleman See you definitely let our guests know about the iranian restaurant of Hestooran.Trying to provide Iranian cuisine to its dear guests the best experience of the taste of Iranian cuisine saves its guests  to cook luscious foods is not just eating food and Fulling. Iranian restaurant  of Hestooran has a higher goal  And this is the genuine Iranian culture, which is a kind of friendship baudor also saves his cherished guests on the pretext of eating Iranian restaurant  of Hestooran foods .

Hestooran architectural design

Yeah Hestooran architectural design is also designed in a genuine way that any tired  Guest  come from  out to getting  into the Hestooran dance floor forgetting tiredness. And watching the historic atmosphere of the iranian restaurant in Hestooran.

Hestooran architectural design | Hestooran

Yes, even the name of this restaurant is Hestooran the name of this Iranian restaurant gives people a special sense of humor.The name of the،Hestooran, which comes out of the language, sits at the same time in bradle.

Possibilities of Hestooran Iranian restaurant

The Hestooran restaurant has special features and Possibilities Including parking, cafe, food, well-groomed staff, chairs are features of the Iranian restaurant.

Possibilities of Hestooran Iranian restaurant | Hestooran

The iranian restaurant has a multi-halls with shahstani, a special place, Roof Garden.Hestooran is a completely fashionable and magnificent atmosphere of serving the Iranian Nobling  people.The purpose of the  iranian restaurant of Hestooran is to preserve the Iranian social, cultural and artistic values.

Hestooran restaurant parking

Because  most restaurants do not have parking، the guests are more  to this  think ing that  While eating and having rest at the restaurant  where to park your car.The restaurant makes it easy  from this  we definitely say that the dimensions of Iranian ،Hestooran restaurant baths are about 1500 square meters therefore, the building and its structure have been designed and built that which has a large parking  for your sake, you will ease the dear guests while sitting in the ،Hestooran nice atmosphere.In addition to the parking there is also a number of other  Possibilities including iranian restaurant ،Hestooran which is the same as before  It does not fall into this little space.

The،Hestooran restaurant  café

The،Hestooran restaurant  café | Hestooran

Another of the prosperity possibilities of the  iranian restaurant is its café the For fun and private holidays Especially with a hot or cold drink, if accompanied  dear guests are great suggestions for you. All kinds of foods of iranian  restaurant  A variety of gourmet and delicious Iranian cuisine in this delightful  ،Hestooran  restaurant is ready for guests who are well-respected .

Hestooran  foods

The color of the   ،Hestooran  foods absorbs the eye and mind The taste and the aroma of the food Which has its place The types of Iranian salads are tailor-made to each season in the senses of Hestooran  broth, which is an Iranian delicious food often older people are very fond of this food there is in the،Hestooran،Iranian restaurants in Special dishes that is daisy.

Hestooran  foods | Hestooran

We draw attention  dummies    now  Its different verses are available from the spring and spring season of the season, and there is a sense in the restaurant of  Hestooran it is suggested Instead of spending time for cooking alas  at home ready and Affordabl Provide  from Hestooran restaurant.   Rice with a saucepan flavored on it whit Chopped Various Kerosene  in the  iranian restaurant is ready to welcome you dear guests.

By eating rice and other invertebrates In the Hestooran restaurant, other employees and officials will never eat rice in the office . And will prefer eat in the Hestooran restaurant   in the iranian restaurant guests can also reserve their favorite meal by phone  this is also one of the other features of the Hestooran  restaurant.

Hestooran restaurant staffs

Hestooran restaurant staffs | Hestooran

the time for writing and speaking from the Iranian restauran staffs in Hestooran .The iranian restaurant has a nice moral staff  That’s all the work of this staff is which is more than the wage they earn Satisfy the guests they believe that the Hestooran restaurant will turn into a warm and energetic environment that  Everyone and any family will enter  in restaurant  So calm enough  Which is a memorable memory for himself and his family. Yes, the restaurant staffing goal is always an effort to cater to the courteous guests of Hestooran.Payments to iranian restaurant of Hestooran  in addition to the previous services and possibilities it is also possible to pay by electronic means via a bank card and dear   guests  do not have to worry about that to have  cash to them selves  definitely .

 Hestoran  restaurant chair

 Hestoran  restaurant chair | Hestooran

Though theHestooran of Iranian restaurant described little in a bit. but the brief description of the  Hestooran chairs can not be passed wooden chairs and bright brown lace that  everything that comes from the  door of Hestooran it  is fascinated by these chairs which skilled artist has created these wooden chairs In fact, this is the constructed chair of human art . Guests of the restaurant will attract in the Hestooran  with high absorbance like magnetism  and it pulls them to wards itself to sit on it.

The final word of the Iranian restaurant is Hestooran

In the end, thank you loved one  because   we were accompanied by you. We can say that the iranian  restaurant of Hesturan has no description in the text  And just through the observation, you can understand the realities of the Hestooran   restaurant with all its existence The restaurant is located on the Fereshteh Street in Tehran  and if you want to visit the feast of Hestooran restaurant site