Fereshteh restaurant Full of Feelings


If you go around the Fereshteh Street and look for a great restaurant, they will definitely show you the Fereshteh restaurant. The name of this restaurant is Hestooran, which means the land of feeling. The Fereshteh restaurant is an authentic Iranian restaurant which was opened in 2015.

Introducing a Traditional Fereshteh restaurant

Austrian Ambassador in the Islamic Republic of Iran Dr. Stefan Schlests described the restaurant as one of the best Iranian restaurants, in every part of which the symbols and signs of Iran are known. In addition to the restaurant, Fereshteh Restaurant is an art masterpiece designed for lovers of Persian culture.

Introducing a Traditional Fereshteh restaurant | Hestooran

Fereshteh restaurant is a luxurious restaurant with traditional and old space. As the restaurant’s name suggests, “Hestooran” is a place to understand feelings. The interior design of this restaurant is based on the authentic Persian architecture. Fereshteh restaurant is a large restaurant with an area of 1500 square meters. In the courtyard of the restaurant there is a pool of turquoise blue reminiscent of the old house in Tehran. Next to this pool is some tables and chairs, and if you want to, you can eat your food in this space full of feelings. The restaurant has four hall divided into different parts. In this article, we introduce different sections of this restaurant, and we’ll show you some photos for more information. Stay tuned to the end of this article to get to know this dreamy restaurant.

Khosh Neshin

Khosh Neshin in the Iranian culture, one is told to sit in comfort in comfort.

Khosh Neshin | Hestooran

Perhaps the use of this name for this part of the Fereshteh restaurant is also reasonable. In this part of the restaurant, you can sit comfortably and make arrangements and enjoy a delicious Iranian meal with friends. Enjoying the appearance of an environment like a traditional restaurant, in fact, a wonderful atmosphere and an environment full of Iranian iconic symbols give a sense to the environs.

Khas Neshin

The Fereshteh restaurant has been prepared for people who want to eat their meal with their own friends in the privacy of others.

Khas Neshin | Hestooran

In the parts of the restaurant, the tables are privately prepared so that people who want to spend their own food in peace and loneliness. Khas Neshin is very suitable for small parties and friendly appointments. The exterior view is located in a cozy and elegant courtyard with traditional design.

Bahar Khab

At the top of a tower, Hestooran Restaurant provides space on the balcony.

This open-air view of Tehran has a cozy place to eat. This place reminds you of the old alley in Tehran. A pleasant atmosphere, along with traditional food, will bring you relaxed feelings. The busy Tehran landscape, from above this height, gives you an extraordinary feeling with meals. An emotion that you can’t experience in any other restaurant. It is safe to say that the only restaurant which has Bahar Khab, with traditional and original Persian decoration, is the Fereshteh restaurant.

Shah Neshin

The Shahshani in the Iranian architecture is a part that is located in the north of the inner part of the house and is light-emitting, larger, and is referred to as the three door or the five door. The Shah Neshin were decorated with special decorations such as painting under the dome and during Qajar with a mirror of work. In the Fereshteh restaurant, a place called the Shah Neshin is prepared to host your small parties.

Eyvan (Balcony)

The Fereshteh restaurant provide a place for those who like to have food in the exterior space. The balcony is a common, friendly and unconventional atmosphere, so you can spend a meal with your friends. Tehran’s view of the balcony during meals can be enjoyable.

Food Categories in Fereshteh Restaurant

In general, the Fereshteh restaurant is a place for traditional Iranian dishes. If you are looking for a restaurant serving traditional Persian cuisine, Fereshteh restaurant is surely the perfect choice. The restaurant serves a variety of hot and cold appetizers. Customers can order different kinds of appetizers according to their taste.

Food Categories in Fereshteh Restaurant | Hestooran

One of the great and warm appetizers of the Fereshteh restaurant is the Abadan’s plate that includes three different types of Samosa. Abadan is one of the southern cities of Iran located on the border between Iran and Iraq. Samosa is one of Abadan’s traditional cuisine.In the Iranian table, the salad has its own place. For this reason, various types of Iranian traditional salad with different recipes are served in different cities. You can order almost any Iranian salad at the Fereshteh restaurant.

variety of main dishes in the Fereshteh restaurant

The variety of main dishes in the Fereshteh restaurant is so high that the names of all of them can’t be mentioned in this article. But if we want to summarize the main foods, they are divided into three categories: various types of barbecues, rice types and various types of stews.Kebab is considered one of the main and traditional Iranian cuisine. Different types of kebabs are available in different types of Iranian cities as traditional food. If you love meat, you can find a variety of grilled in the Fereshteh restaurant to eat and enjoy.

variety of main dishes in the Fereshteh restaurant | Hestooran

Iranian stew, a dish that is served with rice Cream is a genuine Iranian cousin that is served with rice and is referred to as “Khoresh” in Iran. In Iranian cuisines there are many different Khoresh with many unique ingredients. Vegetarian Khoreshes are common. Iranian stews use liberal amounts of saffron to give a distinctive and fragrant taste.

In general, if we want to have a conclusion about an Fereshteh restaurant, it should be said that this restaurant will restore the old sense of Iran. The traditional Persian architecture, along with various symbols and symbols from Iranian culture, will give you a sense of going to an art museum. Almost all traditional Iranian cuisine is served in the restaurant and you have plenty of options to choose from. Just tell the name of a city or province of Iran to servant to give you a list of traditional cuisine for that city.