Hestooran Menu

Creating a Wonderful Eating Experience

The rich culture of Iranian cuisine has always been our inspiration at Hestooran.

Authenticity in taste, aroma and colours of our dishes and drinks at Hestooran have all derived from nostalgias of Iran. With such valuable assets in hand, we have created our dishes in such manner that link the Past to the Future, East to the West, and Authenticity to Creation.

Hot Appetizers:

Hestooran’s hot appetizers, inspired by traditional cuisines from various regions of Iran, provide the perfect way to start enjoying your main meal.


Cold Appetizers:

Hestooran’s cold appetizers, have been prepared to stimulate your senses in the best way for you to enjoy your food experience.

The Noskhe’s (Salads):

We have created salads full of creativity, love, and beauty for you to get a real feel of the traditional Iranian cuisine

The “Shoorbas” (Soups):

Soups are of great importance in tradition of Iranian cuisine and represent a chef’s true skills. The Hestooran’s soups will stimulate your senses to the maximum.

The “Atashkhor’s” (Kebabs):

Kebabs are among the best-known Iranian dishes. At Hestooran, we prepare you a kebab you shall never forget!


The “Molghamehs” (Stews):

Stews are the result of beautiful art of cooking together with good taste within Iranian cuisine. Hestooran’s stews have been inspired by stews from different regions and will bring you the good feeling of home-made cooking.

The “Tahtagharis” (Tahchins):

Tahchin is a dish prepared in Iranian homes for guests who are very special. Tahchin is an artistic mixture of cooked rice that has a variety of ingredients within its soft delicate centre.


The “Taftans” (Braised Dishes):

Taftans are made from a variety of mixtures of delicious Iranian ingredients, prepared in Hestooran’s special pots, cooked in fire.

The “Cheloks” (Rice Treats)

Rice side dishes cooked Iranian style with a variety of aromas and seasonings served with our Iranian main courses.



Hestooran’s Iranian drinks are made from traditional ingredients and have been carefully prepared to suit a variety of different tastes.