Iranian restaurant Just Hestooran’s Fereshteh


Today, almost everyone has heard the name of Hestooran Restaurant. It is a famous Iranian restaurant. This restaurant is among the most famous Iranian restaurant and was opened in 2015, being welcome by a great number of people.

Hestooran Restaurant | Hestooran

Amazing design, unique name, various Iranian foods, and their specific food serving made it so famous shortly after it was opened. It can be said that Hestooran Restaurant is a revolution in era of the Iranian restaurants and Iranian foods. Anything in this restaurant has its own innovations and creativeness while keeping traditions. In the following, the characteristics of this restaurant, which is a manifestation of noble Iranian restaurants, will be discussed.

Hestooran Restaurant, a Manifestation of the Land of Copper in an Iranian Restaurant

First of all, we are going to discuss the name of this Iranian restaurant, Hestooran. Hestooran means The Land of Copper. If you have visited this restaurant once at least, you definitely know the reason for this name. All the dishes and almost all the decoration in this Iranian restaurant is made of copper. But why copper? Copper has a unique and specific position in the Iranian culture and traditions.

Hestooran Restaurant, a Manifestation of the Land of Copper in an Iranian Restaurant | Hestooran

In the past, most of Iranian people used copper dishes to cook and serve foods. Today, there are many reasons to use copper dishes to be profited by its advantages. Given the traditional culture of Iranian people, almost all the dishes are made of copper in this restaurant. There are also a number of dishes that are not made of copper but have copper-like appearances, that is, they are in copper color. Even in the entrance of the restaurant, a large copper tray is installed with the name and opening year of the restaurant on it.

Iranian restaurant environment

When passing the entrance to the inside of the restaurant, you will walk through a small yard. At the corner of the yard, there is a traditional bakery that bakes bread for the food of the restaurant.

Iranian restaurant environment | Hestooran

Although it may not be a new idea to bake the bread in the restaurant among Iranian restaurants, as many other restaurants do the same, this can still be attractive. In this small bakery, round and delicious bread is baked for the appetizers.

Hestooran’s An environment For relaxation

There is an old small door with colorful glass in the entrance of the restaurant. Its height is 160cm. seeing the bakery baking bread along with this small old door can be absolutely a nostalgia reminding those people entering the restaurant of old houses in Tehran.

Hestooran's An environment For relaxation | Hestooran

There is also a small cyan pool in the yard of the restaurant, known as The Pool of Dreams. When the customers have had their meals, each of them is given a coin to make a wish and throw the coin in the pool. This small pool resembles the pools in the old Iranian house yards. When the customers have had their meals, each of them is given a coin to make a wish and throw the coin in the pool. This small pool resembles the pools in the old Iranian house yards.

Hestooran’s decoration

After passing through the yard, you can enter the internal space of Hestooran Restaurant. The internal decoration is completely Iranian. It will surprise you by showing you the noble Iranian space and traditional symbols everywhere inside the restaurant. The dominant color used in the restaurant is white.

Hestooran's decoration | Hestooran

Ancient Iranian symbols are seen on the walls and ceiling. A very interesting thing about the ceiling is that old copper dishes are used as chandeliers instead of modern chandeliers. This is an interesting idea. In summary, to describe the internal space of Hestooran Restaurant, it can be said that you will find you within a noble Iranian restaurant.

Internal Decoration of Hestooran Restaurant

For this noble Iranian restaurant, fantastic thrones,  Polish chairs, leather-covered chairs, plates and guns on the wall have all be selected by an artistic taste. The tables and chairs of the restaurant are all made of walnut wood. Walnut wood has been used to build wooden objects for a long time. But today, due to its high price, it is replaced by MDF and Letron in many cases. Walnut wood has high strength and quality.

The fine and beautiful structure of walnut wood gives it a specific identity, which is appreciated as a specific material by everyone. Its brown/gray color is among the unique features of walnut wood, which is only observed in this sort of wood. Moreover, its good craving behavior and significant compressive and tensile strengths has provided many applications for it in producing various wooden objects, including furniture, parquet, and decorative works, such as sculpturing, woodcarving, woodworking, and mosaic. It is worth noting that this wood is sometimes used for musical instruments. In particular, this is related to the two specific features of the wood, that is, flexibility and good sound distribution.

In general, the internal space of Hestooran Restaurant, as an Iranian restaurant, is driven from the traditions and cultures of the Safavid Empire in the ancient Iran. The Safavids were an Iranian and Shia dynasty that ruled Iran fir 221 years from 1501 to 1722. The founder of the Safavid Empire was Shah Islamil I, who coronated in Tabriz in 1501.

Behavior of Hestooran Restaurant Personnel

In Hestooran Restaurant, something that motives the customers the most to revisit this Iranian restaurant to have food is the very proper and professional behavior of the personnel. The personnel and waiters have all been trained professionally and you will not see unprofessional behavior shown by them.

Behavior of Hestooran Restaurant Personnel | Hestooran

When entering the restaurant and after having seats, one of the waiters will come to you with copper ewer and mattress. You will definitely be surprised. The copper ewer and mattress are presented to wash your hands before starting to have you meal. Of course you do not have to do it and can reject the waiter. But it would absolutely a memorable experience to wash your hands with water smelling like citrus aurantium. This will not found in any other Iranian restaurant.