Hestooran a Manifestation of Best Iranian Restaurant


Despite the increasing number of fast foods and modern restaurants, there are still people who prefer to take an Iranian meal at the best Iranian restaurant. The Hestooran restaurant is an original Iranian restaurant with a cozy place to eat, located in the Fereshteh area of Tehran. It is worth mentioning that the best restaurant in the Fereshteh region is Hestooran Restaurant.

Fereshteh area of Tehran | Hestooran

The restaurant has been able to provide an environment of nostalgia to cater to customers by providing a traditional setting that is reminiscent of old and traditional old-fashioned homes in Tehran. The word “Hestooran” means the land of copper. Anything in this restaurant has its own innovations and creativeness while keeping traditions. In the following, we will provide you with a description of the Hestooran restaurant, which all indicate why the restaurant is known as best Iranian restaurant.

Internal Decoration of Hestooran Restaurant

One of the features that the best Persian restaurant has to offer is the atmosphere of the Iranian traditional culture. The Hestooran restaurant, using traditional and nostalgic decoration, has been able to provide this traditional environment based on Iranian culture. These traditional and nostalgic signs can be seen at the entrance to the restaurant. At the entrance to the restaurant, instead of advertisements and new boards, there is a large copper tray with the name of the restaurant and the established year was carved on it. When you arrive at the restaurant, you are faced with a traditional courtyard with a traditional baker in the corner. The aroma of fresh bread has covered the entire atmosphere of the yard and restaurant. Even if you do not have a lot of appetite, you will definitely open your appetite for a meal with the scent of local bread.

Internal Decoration of Hestooran Restaurant | Hestooran

The restaurant’s backyard is traditionally designed. In the corner of the yard there is a small blue pool. This blue pool reminds of small pools in the courtyards of Iranian old houses. This blue pool known as The Pool of Dreams. When the customers have had their meals, each of them is given a coin to make a wish and throw the coin in the pool. This small pool resembles the pools in the old Iranian house yards. After passing through the courtyard, we arrive at the entrance to the hall.

The entrance door is an old one with a short height, decorated with colored glass. This door is made of wood and its design is completely in harmony with the traditional style of the restaurant. After passing through this, you will get into the restaurant, which is a cozy lounge with a friendly and traditional atmosphere, with traditional and old decoration. Further details on the interior of the best Iranian restaurant will be given.

What does the best Iranian restaurant look like?

By entering the restaurant, you will quickly find out why this restaurant is called the best restaurant. The indoor lobby of the restaurant, such as the courtyard and restaurant entrance, is full of ancient Iranian symbols. The interior architecture of the restaurant is quite similar to the old Iranian houses and preserves the Iranian architecture.

What does the best Iranian restaurant look like? | Hestooran

The restaurant windows like the entrance door of the hall are made of wood and decorated with colored glass. The tables and chairs are all made of wood and their design is in the style of Polish tables and chairs. Multiplayer tables are located in the chamber space. The colors of the walls are white and on the walls are old Iranian objects and the icons of ancient Iran. One of the things that is most noticeable in the lounge is the copper plazas that are hanging from the ceiling. In fact, these copper pans play the role of a chandelier. It’s a new and interesting idea to use these traditional chandeliers instead of using new chandeliers.

Historical and traditional symbols in the best Iranian restaurant

Due to the traditional Iranian space, the Hestooran restaurant is highly regarded by tourists and is often considered the best Iranian restaurant. The restaurant is located near the shrine alley of Shemran and its interior is full of historical and traditional Iranian symbols. The inside of the Hestooran restaurant is more like a museum than a restaurant.

Historical and traditional symbols in the best Iranian restaurant | Hestooran

If you are looking for the best restaurant to enjoy a gourmet Iranian-style meal and spend time with your friends, the Hestooran restaurant is a great choice. On the niche and in the corners of the restaurant, traditional symbols and decorations, such as coal flatiron, traditional pots, and more. Throughout the indoor environment of the Hestooran restaurant is eye-catching and surprising. Certainly, if you go to this restaurant with your guests, you will make a wonderful day for them.

The menu of the Hestooran Restaurant, the best menu of food, at the best Iranian restaurant

The Hestooran Restaurant Menu is a full menu of traditional Iranian cuisine served for lunch and dinner. On Thursdays and Fridays, the restaurant will host you in addition to lunch and dinner for breakfast. In addition to having a nostalgic atmosphere, this restaurant has a unique menu that will not be seen in any other Iranian restaurant.

The menu of the Hestooran Restaurant, the best menu of food, at the best Iranian restaurant | Hestooran

At Hestooran Restaurant, according to the traditional Iranian culture, almost all the dishes served are made of copper. Most copper-free products are also copper-colored. The glasses that are served on the table or the drink served with it are all old Iranian glasses.

Pool of dreams in the best Iranian restaurant

After meals, you will be surprised once again. The water pool, which was located at the beginning of the restaurant’s entrance, is a pool of dreams of Hestooran restaurant. After you have eaten your meal, the restaurant staff will give you a few old Iranian coins, for which you can have a wish for each one. Then put the coin in the wish pool. Of course, you can keep the coins as a recipe.