Iranian Restaurant ,Hestooran


Iranian restaurant placed in the Avenue of the Fereshteh, which means Angel in English, and located in Royal Building, one the most luxurious building in this area. In this area, there are many modern buildings and fashionable locales, such as top end shops and also cafes.

Iranian Restaurant Hestooran

If you’re looking for an Iranian restaurant full of traditional cuisine, you’ll find it here in Hestooran restaurant to please your palate in Tehran. Make sure you check out the menu too, review the most tried dishes, and choose whatever you expect from an Iranian restaurant to cater your taste.

 Traditional food | Hestooran

The Hestooran, as a genuine Iranian restaurant in Capital city of Tehran, offers every traditional cuisine for a hungry visitor craves and welcome every person from all around the city. When it comes to Iranian restaurant, it’s impossible to walk in Fereshteh Avenue and cross Hestooran without trying one of its special dishes. In fact, watching the world go by from the comfort of sitting in an Iranian restaurant while enjoying delicious food, is one of the most pleasurable ways to while away a busy day.

Iranian restaurant architecture and decoration

The Hestooran, as an Iranian restaurant, architecturally designed by traditional Iranian architecture which has a beautiful harmony with its foods and dishes. Classical and antique architecture is one of the most exciting features of this Iranian restaurant. It would be interesting for you when realizing that in this Iranian restaurant, your order will serve by use of traditional copper decorated dishes.

architecture and decoration | hestooran

The food serves in an interesting and traditional way, in copper plates, and really nice garnished dishes prepare a very enjoyable and Appetizer look for really savory Iranian food.All of the visitors verify that this restaurant is a super classy Iranian restaurant with traditional decoration as well as traditional cuisine. All people dine in Hestooran say that foods have great taste and high quality. Some other guests choose this restaurant since it is located in a privileged area so that they can enjoy both great food and a pleasant atmosphere.The restaurant decoration and architecture are splendid with high, ornately decorated ceilings, nice floor, and amazing vibrant artwork.

Because of Hestooran decoration and its beautiful dishes and trays serve food in, every day many guests spent their time there to dine with their family or friends. Even if you are alone, you can’t find a better place than Hestooran to spend time in peace and to let the tediousness of a monotonous day go.Especially when a foreign guest or Iranian people from another city, after an interesting tour, visit this Iranian restaurant. regardless of where guest come from, everyone not only loves the food but also the decoration.

Hestooran menu

Are you bored with repetitive food and are you looking for something new? Don’t worry about this issue. In Hestooran you will not see any boring repetitive cuisine since all foods have a new idea thanks to our Iranian chefs. Every food serves in this Iranian restaurant, however, use traditional Recipes and local Spices is still different from any food you may have before.Hestooran restaurant has a dish for everyone’s tastes with a comprehensive menu that is full of traditional dishes and Iranian food.

Hestooran menu | hestooran

The special menu of Hestooran have plenty of traditional food, Iranian recipes, and local cuisine to cater every person taste. No matter what your taste is, Hestooran menu prepared such a way to fulfill any Fastidious taste. By serving special and different food in a special place, there is no better place than Hestooran.Thanks to Iranian culture atmosphere you will find both warm and sincere in Hestooran restaurant, where welcome every guest no matter from where you reach there you will enjoy of friendly and affectionate atmosphere that reflect the Iranian culture of hospitality.

Traditional Iranian food

In this Iranian restaurant, indulge yourself with the tastes of traditional Iranian food, and awaken your aromatic sensors with the traditional and local spices such as cinnamon and Saffron.Iranian traditional food is a balance between hot and cold food which commonly known as Sardi Va Garmi. This cooking concept has roots that turn back to two and a half thousand years ago, originating from ancient Iran.All of you expect from an Iranian restaurant gathered in Hestooran and for this reason, the Hestooran restaurant count as the best restaurant in Fereshteh street.

Traditional Iranian food | Hestooran

No matter how many special and luxury restaurants such as Divan and Kasab exist in this area, none of them can’t reach to professional and high end cuisine in Hestooran. Since this Iranian restaurant, Hestooran, is much more professional in terms of cooking and menu.The menu may seem kind of confusing puzzle, so that the names mentioned in the menu, don’t introduce the usual Iranian dishes. but don’t afraid! A waiter with a friendly attitude helps you to order whatever you like and enjoy the most.dishes design is done by our Iranian expert chef, that’s why you will enjoy a portion of amazing food in royal dishes.When you reach your seats, the menu of the restaurant will be with you in a short time and you don’t wait for hours after ordering since your order serves in a short time.

Hestooran is the best restaurant in fereshteh street

The sparkling classic design and also amazing Persian food in an Iranian restaurant, Hestooran, stimulate the hunger of every visitor crossing the fereshteh street. Extraordinary, spectacular, and high quality Environment, artful table, chairs, wall colors, and design, and also shining chandelier amaze every guest and the copper decorated dishes and the beautiful spoon set, have also a crucial role to absorb the eyes of any visitor with a different style.

Hestooran is the best restaurant in fereshteh street | Hestooran

As a wonderful Iranian restaurant with traditional Persian food, every person visiting Tehran have to try it at least once.If you looking for a Wonderful experience from start to finish during tasting beautifully presented delicious food. you will pleasure from very generous portions, the superb service and finally excellent food.

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