Best restaurant Tehran


Best restaurant Tehran

Best restaurant Tehran | Hestooran

We want to introduce a restaurant to you, called hestooran . Hestooran is the Best restaurant Tehran , It’s a genuine Iranian restaurant . The restaurant’s place is on the Fereshteh Street Is designed to be , The restaurant’s dimensions are about 1500 square meters

Restaurant motto = study of the senses and the touch of legacy

.It has a unique meal in a particular place

Environmental friendly restaurants

A utility called a health – loving restaurant, based on this program, Best restaurant Tehran in catering, cooking and food supplies to the

client, in addition to complying with hygiene and food safety, should improve the nutritional quality and health of their food . The restaurants need to have more food diversity than usual restaurants. Hestooran is one of these restaurants

Iranian food culture

Iranian food culture | Hestooran

Unfortunately, Iranian food diversity is not much in the eye even at large restaurants, usually with a menu containing all kinds of meat based on red meat and chicken like meat types. While in Iranian food culture, there are many different foods that can accommodate the food list of restaurants, food – soaked foods, beans, stew and soups, due to a variety of basic materials used in them, and they can be a good option for people who are forced to eat out of home

Best restaurant Tehran Properties

Best restaurant Tehran Properties | Hestooran

Hestooran is the best restaurant Tehran. In the Iranian culture of the dining room , restaurants are all forms of dining. are divided into two main categories, service quality are offered to two main categories; the first category is expensive, where most customers are not confined to formal customs and are usually present in formal or semi – formal clothing, a modern restaurant , and some of the types of large meats that are served in those types khoreshts

But the bar’s differ from the dining room and the dining room, which may be served by seafood, vegetarian or other races such as Japan, China, Italy and restaurants, but in the dining room, and are the only traditional dishes of Iranian cuisine, unlike the restaurant, is the one with most food and food supplies for ourselves.

More importantly,hygiene is more important than health appearances in Best restaurant Tehran

More importantly,hygiene is more important than health appearances in Best restaurant Tehran| Hestooran

It is good to say that the dinner or restaurant is good, that its servant personnel should wear a helmet and wear white gloves and wear them; for though in many and even expensive restaurants, these standards are respected, but it is often symbolic and superficial.There are times when workers have a glove in hand, but they don’t pay attention to the same as they respond to the same glove, pay a wheel to their heads, don’t pay attention to the holes or the holes, and worst of all if they want to change the glove, they don’t wash their hands under this tight plastic layer

?Why Hestooran is the best restaurant in Tehran

پرسنل رستوران ایرانی حستوران | حستوران

In most Best restaurant Tehran and high – end restaurants, people serving food are often dressed in uniform and uniform, which is known to have not been washed even during the month. As a result more than having a health look, the belief in observance of hygiene is paramount; it will not work, except by frequent training of workers and owners, and of course careful, vigorous, and without notification.With these interpretations, such as health standards are now not followed by most workers, pay attention at least to the health card of individual workers working in the areas that have to be installed to the wall. A worker who has a health card is not at least infected with some of the harmful microbes.

If personal hygiene is not followed, however, the cards will not be effective and parasites and especially food poisoning microbes with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fever, stomach pains and diarrhea will be easily transferred to customers. Therefore, no one should be allowed to work in a Best restaurant Tehran , and this is a subject that is less noticed.

What features a Best restaurant Tehran menu

What features a Best restaurant Tehran menu | Hestooran

Menu or menu is the list given when entering a restaurant or dining room. In the menu of a high – quality restaurant, there should be at least three models of vegetable salad, and the fit between grilled, grilled, grilled, and cooked food is considered in three different categories of men, ladies and children. The more the number of biscuit foods and the food prepared by the oven and hot air is more than a fire, the food of that restaurant is healthier. It is best to devote part of me to the diet that is suitable for patients, seniors and obese people. The restaurant where a variety of bread dishes instead of roasted potatoes or Chinese chips offer food with at least two steamed vegetables along with a fresh lemon number can be a high advantage.

In addition to the introduction of the prices of all food, drinks, desserts and salt delicacies, the combination of individual foods used in each meal is required. It shows that the restaurant cares about its customers “health. In the drinks section of a healthy menu, there should be water, buttermilk, us drinks and different kinds of organic juices.

Pay attention to the space and facilities of the Best restaurant Tehran

Pay attention to the space and facilities of the Best restaurant Tehran | Hestooran

A good restaurant’s atmosphere needs to be designed so that consumers can see basic ingredients and how to cook foods, while the ventilation system has to be so strong that there is no smell of foods in the restaurant’s atmosphere, as it causes the client to run away. It is best to close the kitchen in a closed space, and the client can watch cooking and food through direct and live coverage of people in the kitchen and basic materials. However, these monitors can’t properly picture the health tips from the workers in the kitchen.

restaurant environment

restaurant environment | Hestooran

It is necessary to know how good the quality and flavor of a restaurant’s food is good, but in front of the staff, the Best restaurant Tehran will not be good enough, that the restaurant will not be good and will need to be avoided again. In the restaurant environment, we should say, it’s better to be a glass restaurant table, because plastic tables tend to absorb pollution easily.The walls, the chairs, the package of paper towels, pepper or white and white sauce on the table must be clean .The space of a restaurant should be large, where the table and seat are not too close to each other, so that if a person wants to spin and get up from his chair, it must be forced to rise and change places from the table. In that case, comfort and comfort are deprived of food.

In terms of sanitary regulations, if there is less space for the speaker’s space, there will be no doubt that the health issues of health care will not be followed well, which authorities have to consider while allowing for health inspectors.